Start to listen to the Players!


Start to listen to the Players!

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To my fellow WOW players and friends...

I have been playing this game for over 9 years, and have loved every second of it until WOD.

When Blizzard Entertainment bought the game back from Activision last year I was so excited thinking that they would bring back their previous habit of listening to their player-base more and making more content that is in the spirit of Vanilla and BC expansion days or even Lich King. But what we are seeing is a company that refuses to listen to our views! They are essentially saying "We own the game and we will do what we want" regardless of a huge amount of player feedback to the contrary. This is a huge insult considering that many of us have continued to pay a subscription fee for the last 10 years hoping for better and better content. I for one have 5 accounts with blizzard and at one time had 7, although now I am only subscribed to 3.

There have been many things changing in the game lately that I have not really seen the need for and really seem to be departing from what made the game truly great however the thing that has finally gone too far is this 'great' news we all received from blizzard that there will be no flying in new zones this expansion! For me it was patronizing and disrespectful to the player-base that has tried to acquire all of the mounts in the game from Raids, Achievement and from the Blizzard store over the years. I think almost every player from previous expansions has worked hard to get at least one flying mount that now stands sadly flapping on the ground giving only the slightest hint of how awesome they can really look in full flight!

The only way blizzard will listen to us is if as a community we all stand up and Say NO! Blizzard we will not take this any longer! We the customers have made you into Billionaires and cult figures in the gaming community! Without the dedication of every player that has played this game since day one, Blizzard as a company would not exist and would not have the money to make this game the success it is (and all the others that they have put our money into like Hearthstone, Diablo, Star Craft and what ever other projects they have coming out in the future). For too long Blizzard Entertainment has been happy to take our monthly subscription fees and mount and pet purchases but shown us very little respect. I know that during Blizzcon they say how grateful they are to the community so long as everyone keeps clapping at their every word but as soon as that great week finishes (and don't forget we all pay real dollars to attend or stream Blizzcon) like politicians, Blizzard seems to forget us in every single blue post released thereafter!

So, what is left for the humble World Of Warcraft player? One thing, to say No! We will not take this any longer, we demand that Blizzard starts to listen to all of us as a community because we fund their existence and want the game to be fun again. We want content to be released every 2-3 months, we want mounts dropped by raid bosses to be better looking then store mounts you can just buy, but most of all we just want flying back! Those are just a few items we as a community ask for but ultimately we want respect for the fact we pay to play this game and some of us have payed for it for over 10 years!

If any of you feel as strongly as I do please sign the petition!

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