Blizzard - reinvest in Heroes of the Storm (Hots)

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   Despite a massive worldwide player base, in 2018 Blizzard announced the company planned to divest from developing Heroes of the Storm.

   Players were devastated, however Blizzard ensured development would continue.  Although developments have been made, they're a slow trickle compared to the exciting weekly updates we enjoyed only two years ago.  

    Despite this, players are still dedicated to this amazing game.  For many of us, Hots is our favorite Blizzard release to date!  We want new characters, new maps, amazing videos showcasing upcoming releases, and Blizzard-sponsored tournaments - just as we used to enjoy only 2 years ago. Even if we don't get all these - significant reinvestment would mean a lot to your fans.

   We want Blizzard to reinvest in Hots. Sign and circulate this petition to support the cause!