Lioness kept in tiny cage, neglected and depressed in the Philippines. She needs our help!

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Lyka the blind lioness kept in horrid conditions in a  zoo in the Philippines 
Her eye-condition has seen her written off as a 'breeding mistake'
Horrified visitors are calling for animal welfare to step in and save Lyka
Staff at the government-run zoo claims the rusty 3ft-wide cage is sufficient 
A government-run zoo in the Philippines has been accused of animal cruelty after visitors found them keeping a blind lioness in a tiny, squalid cage.

Lyka the lion has been written off as a 'breeding mistake' by the zoo, after going blind as a result of a congenital eye problem. 

The five-year-old lioness is now living out her life in a filthy, 3ft-wide rusty enclosure the Maasin Zoo in Iloilo, southern Philippines


Please, we must save this beautiful Lioness. To see such a beautiful creature suffering like no one cares is extremely painful to see. Your signatures and posts on Social Media are the biggest weapons to help save this Queen of the jungle. 


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Ciro Golden