Blanket Ban on Firecrackers in India

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My only request to all the readers is that please completely read this article.

We all know what happened to Delhi last Diwali. A blanket of haze and smog enveloped Delhi on Monday morning (31 Oct. 2016) after a night of Diwali revelry. At 7:23 am, air quality index showed a reading of a severe 447 (Air pollution level is classified as severe if it is between 401 and 500). All schools had been shut for three days and construction and demolition activities across the city banned for five days. Hospitals reported at least 30%-40% increase in wheezing, respiratory disease, bronchial asthma, bronchitis, and worsening of asthma.

Few months back from this incident another disaster occurred. Let me summarize that.A fire took place at a temple in Kollam, Kerala, killed over 100 people in April 2016. The fire was caused due to improper handling of firecrackers. And there are lots of accidents which occurred due to firecrackers.

Can you imagine, India’s firecrackers industry is 2nd largest in the world with a valuation of nearly 3000 crore and the great thing is that we don’t export anything. It clearly indicates that we spend 3000 crore for some minutes of enjoyment and according to a study of 50% employees in India are not satisfied with their salary.

One major excuse generally given by people when I ask them why our govt. can’t totally ban firecrackers is “It will create unemployment for several unskilled labourers in the country”. But according to India today investigation, Most of workforce of firecrackers factories was found to be of children. And one thing is sure that no one in this country is in favour of child labour.

Also, I have some more points to prove that firecrackers are dangerous for us in every aspect.

  • The chemical footprint of crackers is deadly.
  • The impact of crackers on children is far greater than it is on adults because their defense mechanism is much poorer and their ability to metabolize and detoxify environmental agents is different. Moreover, due to their high level of physical activities, children inhale more volume of air as compared to adults and so breathe in more toxic air.
  • These firecrackers contain harmful chemicals which produces poisonous gases on burning leading to Alzheimer’ disease, lung cancer, lungs damage, respiratory irritation, irritation in eyes, radioactive effects, gastrointestinal problems, muscular weakness.

If “Prevention is better than cure” than I don’t know why we are waiting for the consequences? Why can’t we have total ban on firecrackers?

Sign this petition and Raise your voice before it’s too late. And one last thing to the decision makers that we don’t want any temporary action like temporary ban on sales of crackers or something else.


Wish you all a happy and clean Diwali this time.

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