Justice for Rotational Workers

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This petition was created to help raise awareness and concern about unfair practices put in place for rotational workers. Rotational workers are what keeps this province afloat. They are being punished by taking away their right to isolate within their own homes, with their families and being able to be tested for COVID-19. The Government of New Brunswick is taking away the right to see their children and spouses, yet these men and women are the ones supplying the Province with food, gas, oil, and essential services. This is unfair treatment. Especially since these men and women need to leave their families for work BECAUSE of the NB economy. The last year has worked for essential workers to fly back and forth and go for testing. Where are the numbers and from which places did rotational workers cause a spread?

For a lot of Rotational workers, they are isolated on a camp. Tested, and screened daily.

So, I am asking how long will it be for COVID to stop ruining the lives of New Brunswickers? What is the end game? Why must people choose their job or their families?  Who is going to be paying for the hotels or camps you want the workers to stay in? Why are these workers on the bottom of the list for the vaccine? Why has the testing stopped? Why is there no rapid testing like there is in other provinces?

Also, getting these men and women to stay in a hotel for 14 days at their own expense, exposes more people and workers then isolation with their families.

This is no longer wear a mask, this is no longer two weeks, this is no longer wait for a vaccine. This is children going without seeing their parents, this is husbands not seeing their wives. This is people having enforcement officers come to their home as if they are criminals at large, they are JUST going to work.

These are your people. I needn’t remind you that the government serves the people. Without the people there is no government. The people pay taxes, for these rotational workers to the tune of THOUSANDS per year. The people vote our government officials like yourself in. It’s now due process to find an alternate solution. Many other provinces have a modified isolation still in place, we are the only Atlantic Canadian province that has altered and now discontinued the modified self isolation program and they are not inundated with cases.

Thank you for your time. I truly hope you will consider our concerns.