Calls to Action to address Anti-Black racism in NB Communities

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The Black community of Fredericton and New Brunswick at large is grateful for the support we have seen over the past few weeks. We appreciate the folks who have attended our demonstrations, donated to the cause, or simply spent time educating themselves on racial injustices in here New Brunswick and Canada by extension. 

However, we need more action. We cannot be complicit. We cannot go home, put down our signs, and allow the status quo to go undisturbed. We must examine the ways in which anti-Blackness and racism negatively impact the lives of BIPOC individuals and pose a barrier to the success of our province. Therefore, we, Black Lives Matter Fredericton/New Brunswick, are making the following recommendations to the Municipal and Provincial Governments to combat racism and systemic oppression within our communities.

For the Provincial Government:

We are calling upon the government of New Brunswick to incorporate content on the history of slavery, segregation, and systemic oppression in New Brunswick and Canada into the public school curriculum of New Brunswick.  

We are calling upon the Government of New Brunswick to commission independent research on the personal, social, and economic impacts of racism in New Brunswick and develop an action plan to remedy these issues through an anti-racist strategy. 

For the Municipal Government: 

We are calling upon the municipal government to create an anti-oppressive/anti-racist workshop for the community of Fredericton and make it available for businesses and other organizations. 

We are calling upon the municipal government to reduce the Fredericton Police Force's budget and reallocate funds to enhance community services and non-police means of community safely.

We are calling on the municipal government to create and fund a safe space for Black-identifying folks who reside in Fredericton to gather and build community by sharing common stories and resources and building support systems. 

For both Provincial and Municipal Governments:

We are calling upon the Government of New Brunswick and the  Municipal Government to implement mandatory cultural competency/anti-racism training for police and government officials. 

Thank you for your time and commitment to the cause. Please share within your networks to amplify our voices. Together, we can make New Brunswick a safe and inclusive province for all its residents.