Keep our animals safe

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On Saturday 27th July late at night there was cars speeding up our road on drysiog street, ebbw vale it is like this every single night...thanks to there being no speed precautions on our street our cat got hit over by a car that was speeding we no that by our cats injuries it shows the impact of force that the car caused sadly our little baby did not stand a chance and passed away and who ever did it didn't  even stop they just kept going like nothing had happened. So please all we are asking for is something like speed bumps or a speed camera on our street to stop any kind of speeding to prevent things like this from happening again. Also we would like to try and make it by law that you have to report if u knock down not just a cat but any animal. Not long a go there was a crash on drysiog street by a man luckily enough no one was injured but it could of been so much worst but it could of been prevented with speed restriction, also due to cars speeding peoples wing mirrors are being taken off. MAKE CHANGES TO THE LAW, MAKE OUR STREET SAFE AND KEEP NOT ONLY PEOPLE SAFE BUT OUR ANIMALS TOO!!