East & West Bladen Seniors DESERVE Graduation Ceremonies! STAND UP FOR OUR GRADUATES!

East & West Bladen Seniors DESERVE Graduation Ceremonies! STAND UP FOR OUR GRADUATES!

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Jennifer Potter started this petition to Bladen County Schools - Superintendent and

The Coronavirus has had a major impact on all students currently in school, especially high school seniors. The second semester of one’s senior year is supposed to be one of the most memorable times of their life. While it definitely WILL BE memorable, for sure, seniors all over the country are watching those precious moments slip away, some of which will never be rescheduled.

Locally, high schools have had to make some tough decisions on graduation dates and ceremonies amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The Bladen County Schools’ Superintendent, Dr. Robert Taylor, has yet to announce the plans for East and West Bladen’s ceremonies. Many who were concerned, contacted Dr. Taylor, Dr. Jason Wray of East Bladen High and Dr. Peggy Hester of West Bladen High.

My personal suggestion concerning graduation ceremonies, is to postpone the scheduled ceremonies until whenever it is deemed safe for us to have the most traditional service as possible, whether inside the school building, or outside on the football field. I gathered, from listening to last Monday night’s BCS Board Meeting on Facebook, that Dr. Taylor’s main concern in postponement is for students that may be military deploying, etc. Preventing some from being able to participate and getting the appropriate recognition. I understand that point of view completely, and greatly admire anyone enlisting in any branch of service to serve our country. BUT, having anything other than a traditional ceremony of some type will prevent ANY of our seniors from getting the recognition they deserve. I sincerely hope that a date can be found, and a ceremony decided upon, that accommodates ALL seniors, so everyone can attend.

I strongly feel that postponing the ceremony, even if that means changing the date more than one time to comply with codes or regulations, would mean so much more to the seniors, friends, and family members who have waited so long for this special day.

❓❓  WHY CAN’T WE:  ❓❓

*Pick a Saturday in mid to late June (one for East, and one for West).

*Have the ceremonies at 10am on the football field where everyone can somewhat spread out and be in the fresh air.

*When the service is over... allow the students to do one last “Senior Walk” from the back of the building to the front door while the teachers and administration line the hallway and building & music plays, exiting through the front door.

*Have all family members & guests from the ceremony waiting for them at the front of the building when they exit.

*Family members/Guests hand each senior a butterfly to release (symbolizing them spreading their wings to fly) at a certain time, after someone prays over them.

*Family members and guests leave, while seniors stay and enjoy a “Senior Tailgate” and cookout on the football field with music & games, etc. just like the ones normally planned during school.

Most all would be held outside in fresh air, and everyone could relatively maintain a safe distance apart.

The initial date could be set & plans could be explained that they come with backflip plans saying “these plans will remain fluid” as to comply with state and local guidelines. Maybe, if there is a significant spike in COVID-19 cases prior to that date, the graduation will be moved to a backup date of (?) , with another backup date set for (?).

~OR, Do something along the same lines as Whiteville High School... A two-part Drive-In ceremony which is an AMAZING IDEA, and is outlined at the link below. 


There are a number of solutions that can be utilized to host graduation ceremonies using social distancing!!

Bladen County Schools, GIVE THE SENIORS OPTIONS... and let them choose, like Columbus COUNTY Schools have done. They gave them two options for ceremony choices & each senior got to weigh in!!! They voted and chose to also have the Drive-In ceremony on the football fields & track, from what I understand. That option should be suitable for East and West Bladen, as well. 

Collectively, I think that we all agree that WE DO NOT want our seniors to have a virtual graduation nor do we want to settle for NO graduation at all!!

JUST SOMETHING... A SPECIAL CEREMONY needs to be held for these seniors!!! They have worked very hard to get to this point their lives, and they DESERVE the recognition of a proper graduation ceremony! And possibly a parade through our towns to celebrate them!!!  Come on friends, rally around our Bladen County Seniors, like the surrounding counties have done for theirs!!!❤️ By signing this petition, you are agreeing that Bladen County Schools’ Superintendent, High School Principals, and School Board Members should stand up for OUR seniors, and put forth the effort that surrounding counties have, in making their Graduation Day special and memorable!!! 

We just want them to listen and be open to suggestions made to do so!! We ALL will be glad to do our part to help!❤️

Please sign, tag, and share as MUCH and as QUICKLY as possible!!! Thank you, in advance, for your support!

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