Ask for a 21 day leave for staff member going to Africa

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There is a staff member at the Blackwell Elementary School who is currently planning on making a trip to Africa on November 6th of this year for religious purposes. She plans on making this trip, taking flights where possible Ebola infected passengers may be present and coming back during Thanksgiving break. She plans to re-enter our children’s school after this trip within days of her return and continue teaching. This concerns us because Ebola is ravaging Africa at an unprecedented speed, there is no known cure for the virus and the World Health Organization predicts 10,000 new cases a week by December of this year if the outbreak is not stopped. The school’s plan is to monitor her for symptoms while continuing to teach and allow us to simply let our children “opt-out” of her class in case any are concerned. The issues we have with this is 1.) Ebola is too dangerous to risk exposing ANY child to and 2.) we do not feel their precautionary measures are enough to insure our children’s safety.  While other schools and businesses throughout America have asked employees with possible exposure to the virus to stay home for the 21 day incubation period, our school system is backing her return and refusing to demand her take any time off.


While we do not want to infringe on any fellow American’s rights to do as they please, this teacher is exposed to hundreds of children daily. She took the job, we assume, because she wants to better our children and we hope, keep them safe as well. Her actions regarding this matter are negligent to say the least. We are starting to feel as though our children’s rights to an education in a safe environment is being infringed on by their inability to compromise. Blackwell’s emergency care provider, Blackwell Regional Hospital, does not even have Hazmat suits or the proper tests to determine if someone has Ebola in the event she does become ill. Therefore, we are asking that fellow parents become proactive in working with the school on a compromise. We are asking that the teacher be required to stay home for the 21 day incubation period before re-entering our school system. We are asking parents who support this to sign the attached petition and make calls to the school and superintendent, voicing their concern. Hopefully, if we all work together on this and let the school know that we will not stand for them putting our children in harm’s way, we can feel secure in our children’s health and safety as they continue their education in the Blackwell School system.



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