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Blackpool Council, Lancashire UK: Stop the demolition of the old ABC Theatre, Blackpool UK.

To demolish this building would destroy a very important and historical part of Blackpool's heritage.
This building could be used in a variety of manners, especially for the cultural heritage of Blackpool.
The deal has yet to be finalised, but the council has agreed to pay £635,000 for the venue, which played host to entertainment greats The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and Morecambe and Wise, and hundreds more over the years, before being transformed into a cinema and then into Britain’s biggest ‘superclub’. The local paper understands the council will borrow up to £1.3m to fund the scheme, which includes demolition costs. Town hall bosses said that would be paid back at a rate of £93,000-a-year over 50 years, which could, in theory, mean the venture ends up costing £4.65m. All from local tax payers money!!
There are people in Blackpool who wish to start a Cultural Museum in the town, both a living and a historical museum. They backed by hundreds of others who would help in this endeavor.
Please sign this petition to show the Blackpool Councillors who are backing the demolition that we are serious and want some of our heritage to remain.
Thank you.

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