Black America's Mass Migration 2027

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We are petitioning Black Americans to be counted in a mass migration beginning in the year 2027 exiting the American Cities we currently live to resettle in a minimum of 40 New Black American Cities that will be built all over the country in higher elevated lands during the next 8 years.

We're not only petitioning black people to migrate in the year 2027, but more importantly we are petitioning Black Americans to be hands on with the building of these cities starting in the year 2020 and to help coordinate the mass migration conferences in cities and towns all over America beginning early as October 2019.

By signing this petition, you're simply saying you resonate with the following truths;

  • Many black neighborhoods were placed in flood zones and lower elevations, naturally dooming them to be the worse areas affected by severe storms. These areas are simply not compatible with climate change as these new super storms intensify as the years go by. By continuing to "Rebuild" these areas we are encouraging already disenfranchised Black Americans to inevitably suffer more loss of life and property unnecessarily.
  • Current american cities have not demonstrated the ability to end racism which threatens the lives and psychological stability of Black American populations affected by poverty and compacted generational social-economic disenfranchisement stemming from American Slavery.
  • 'Fresh start' communities are essential in 2019 & beyond for the mental, spiritual and physical healing of Black Americans who value the concept of African Unity and fairness.
  • Black Americans, as the most promising members of the African Union's newly founded "6th Region" have the potential to make the greatest mark on Black History by exercising their right to self determination under article 3 of the UN's Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and do not require foreign aid from any community outside of their own Black American Community to develop beautiful and thriving societies. 

This Petition is the most important call to action of modern black history! Our goal for this petition is simply to initiate the conversation in preparation for inevitable migration to higher elevated cities and evaluate how many Black Americans support the idea that our children do need these communities to simply "exist" as a community resource in the near future. 

This petition is not intended to provide the actual strategy for implementing this solution. The strategy and resources for implementing this operation will be covered at the Mass Migration Conferences. These conferences are vital to the success of our future and we need the help of local community organizers, viral social media pages, influencers, venues, film teams, black press/media etc. to help kick off the first conferences in October 2019 starting in Atlanta, GA and then take the conference on the road around the country on a national tour to educate Black Americans on preparation protocols, resources, migration milestones and other essential insight. The conference tour will continue over the next 8 years and will evolve as migration milestones are met.

Black Businesses especially Venues, Engineering Firms, Tech Companies, Marketing companies, press/media companies, etc. are encouraged to sponsor the Mass Migration Conferences to bring it to their local areas in support of saving Black Lives and securing our children's future.

the website will be launched soon so keep checking back... We love you all and want you to know there is a solution to all our problems. We find all of them in the concept of "UNITY"...