Black Mental Health Day/Week, Alberta

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The first Monday of March has been recognized as Black Mental Health Day in Ontario since 2020, with March 1st - March 7th being formerly proclaimed as Black Mental Health Week on March 1st 2021. This initiative was made possible by TAIBU Community Health Centre, along with the Black Health Alliance and City of Toronto, and we are grateful for their actions towards the collective healing of our communities. 

Racial inequalities, anti-Black racism, discrimination and the lasting effects of trauma have negative impacts on the mental health and physical well-being of Black people. The lack of concrete action to address anti-Black racism in public services like healthcare and education, and in the area of housing services, only increases the toll of anti-Black racism on mental health, regardless of income, education, or employment status.

We at Inclusive Canada believe this week should also be recognized here in Alberta and ask for you to join us in signing this petition so we may recognize the first Monday in March as Black Mental Health Day (Alberta), with March 1st - March 7th recognized as Black Mental Health Week (Alberta). This week will provide greater opportunity to facilitate and cultivate awareness of the impacts of anti-Black racism on Black communities, families and individuals, as well as encourage our communities to focus on our well-being through connection, support and sharing of resources.

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