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The necessity to establish a Nuclear Weapon Free Zone (NWFZ) in the Middle East is a policy that is both internationally recognized and rhetorically supported. Despite the rhetorical “consensus” on the issue though, there has, over the years, been very little practical progress on the enforcement of a NWFZ in the area.

The notion of a NWFZ has been used to validate and rationalize military and economic conflicts - yet time and time again, once the conflicts have subsided, the notion of a NWFZ has been discarded as being either naive or premature.

The establishment of a Nuclear Weapon Free-Zone is the first step the region must take in order to promote peace - not the last. If enforced, this is a policy that can serve as a point of unification for the entirety of the Middle East. The geopolitical importance of the Middle East, however, continues to negate the collaborative potentials of the region, in order to promote the maintenance of the conflicting and schismatic status-quo.

It is time for the world’s leaders to stand behind their rhetoric.

Join us, and voice your support for this policy - show that the public stands firm for a nuclear weapon free Middle East.

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