Make the All Team Retreat 100% Plant-Based

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Petition starters come to Change to fight the biggest social issues of our time. As a global community, the most pressing intersectional fight is climate change. 

Just this summer, young climate activists used our platform to go #AllInForClimateAction culminating in the launch of petitions in over 20 countries. While, at the same time, Kathy Freston petition's calling on McDonald's to introduce a plant-based burger for animal welfare and the environment is still waging. 

Change is a leader in striving to integrate many of our petition starter's fights into our own culture and policy. From parity to paid parental leave, Change has proven willing to take a progressive stance for the equity of their employees and to set precedent. It is time that we follow companies like WeWork, and do the same with sustainability.

The following proposal is to commit to 100% plant-based meals at the retreat to mitigate carbon emissions, divest from factory farming, and assist in offsetting the travel of staff flying from around the world by reducing net impact. 

A few supporting points to illustrate the points of a plant-based retreat: 

  • A plant-based diet has the most minimal carbon footprint
  • As a company, we are not financing products derived from animal cruelty, worker rights abuses, and consuming a diet with the lowest life cycle assessment
  • The travel for the retreat will amass a quantifiable amount of carbon miles that will need to be offset individually through the purchase of carbon credits. A plant-based diet would be an easy solution to reduce our net impact. 
  • Numerous staff at Change are plant-based. For many of us, it is a highly important ethical choice, and the willingness to embrace a plant-based diet for the retreat would be a step toward inclusivity in the workplace. 
  • Finally, animal petitions consistently bring in a majority of revenue for the company. From an economic perspective, animals are aiding in financing this retreat, and it would be unethical to serve animal products. 

If the logistics of organizing an entirely plant-based retreat is not feasible, a possible compromise would be two plant-based meals and one vegetarian meal.  

Thank you so much!

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