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On December 28th, 2017 the cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex initiated a snapshot of the ARDR token at block 1636363 to swap ARDR tokens for the long anticipated launch of the Ardor Blockchain scheduled for January 1st, 2018. The Ardor Blockchain was successfully launched on January 1st, 2018 and reopened for trading on several other major exchanges shortly thereafter. Jelurida's successful Ardor platform launch sent ARDR's value climbing to new heights which provided existing ARDR investors with significant returns and new ARDR investors with a ground floor opportunity for what is the beginning of a revolutionary blockchain. As of this writing, almost 14 days later, the Bittrex ARDR market and wallet remain offline with a status "Market Offline - ARDR snapshot" which has resulted in significant opportunity costs to Bittrex customers whom either hold ARDR and are wanting to trade or whom intended on buying ARDR at launch. In the realm of cryptocurrencies, 14 days is a very long time to have assets frozen and opportunities withheld which by any account is a huge disservice to Bittrex customers and an impairment to the investor friendly atmosphere that we, as Bittrex customers, have grown to trust. Further details from a Bittrex support article published on December 4th, 2017 at states "Bittrex will re-enable trading Ardor tokens (ARDR) when we and the Ardor team agree that the migration is satisfactory and the blockchain network deemed stable." which suggests a lack of communication between the Ardor team and Bittrex as being a potential root cause of the issue. While it is Bittrex's responsibility to ensure Bittrex markets function as intended and in concert with scheduled forks or maintenance it is equally so the responsibility of Jelurida to engage with the exchanges that have been selected to trade ARDR to ensure ARDR markets and wallets are operational in concert with the same scheduled forks or maintenance. Irregardless of which party is at fault, there are reputations at stake and I, on behalf of all Bittrex ARDR stake holders and future ARDR investors alike, kindly ask Bittrex and Jelurida to work towards resolving this matter in an expedited manner. 

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Bill Shihara
Bittrex Inc.

Lior Yaffe
Managing Director
Jelurida B.V.




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