Malaysia Government to take action against founder Datuk Mohammad Fadino

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Datuk Mohammad Fadino Bin Khairuman, a popular Malaysian Scammer who is behind Scam MLM businesses such as GWGFX, Pegasus Bullion (Malaysia market), Bitkingdom and many more is still living a filthy rich lifestyle freely and continue scamming people with his new businesses. His net-worth is said to be around RM 1 billion in assets and crypto-currencies which was mode of investment (bitcoin) of his Scam business Bitkingdom.

Thousands of innocent people from all over the world mostly Malaysians lost their huge sum of money to this scammer and people who actively did networking for this Scammer’s business unable to answer their downlines over the money loss and living in hell every day.

Datuk Mohammad Fadino and his followers living a filthy rich lifestyle and never stop boasting their lifestyle to lure more innocent victims into their Scam businesses. Victims are being challenged by them to make police report and claims that they already bribed some high-ranking government officials millions of ringgits just to get the cases against them dropped.

Seeking Malaysian officials (PDRM, BNM, SPRM) to put an end to this Scammer’s activities and take stern action against this Scammer and his followers and recover capital of the victims.