Stop the Removal of Ribbons for Child Sexual Abuse Victims

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I am one of many victims of Institutional Child Sexual Abuse within the Catholic Church in the Armidale Diocese who feels that the Archdiocese of Armidale is trying to Silence Victims!

The Armidale Catholic Diocese through the Bishop of Armidale Bishop Michael Kennedy have announced the installation of a permanent memorial to Victims of Child Sexual Abuse to occur on 4 December 2016.


a) The memorial is to be put within the grounds of the Armidale Cathedral not far from the burial plot of former Bishop Henry Joseph Kennedy who according to the evidence and documents released to the public as part of Case Study 44 by the Royal Commission; was one of, if not, the key and central figure in the facilitation and cover up of Child Sexual Abuse in the Armidale Diocese.  This Case Study is still OPEN before the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

b) This is the place where convicted paedophile and former priest John Joseph FARRELL was brought to the attention of former Bishop Henry Kennedy for Child Sexual Abuse matters.

c) The stated intention of the Church is to use this as an excuse to remove ribbons that have been tied to the fence in an unofficial Loud Fence and acknowledgement of the many victims of abuse that happened within the Armidale Diocese. These ribbons have been put there by victims, families and friends of victims, adding a voice to victims including survivors and those who have sadly suicided. The ribbons are privately owned by individuals and are not owned by the church in any way.

d) No consultation has occurred with Victims or families either about the idea of the memorial, nor the site, nor the removal of ribbons.

e) There are a large number of Victims/Survivors who are very deeply offended and are PTSD triggered and traumatised by the location of the memorial and the removal of the ribbons which do not belong to the church.


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