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Money isn't everything. Protect our community,our water, our future and our children!

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Update:Apache is still in the area and there are some groups working on continuing to fight for protection of our water and community.

If you would like information on how to help or to be able to learn of new developments you can view these groups on facebook:

Search Camp Toyahvale on fb

As well as Save Our Spring Too

I am working on starting somethings of my own to continue my part of this please stay tuned to this cause. I know that having the support of so many people has helped in keeping this oil company on their toes. Pass it on...this isn't over! 


UPDATE: It has been a while since I have updated this petition. The battle continues as Apache Oil Corp. and other oil industry companies have continued  moving into the area. I urge all of you to contact the Parks and Wildlife Commission and voice your concern over this issue and demand that action be taken to protect our springs and Park. This state park is a part of history as anyone who looks up information about San Solomon Springs can tell you. It is also host to endangered species and home to those who live in the community of Balmorhea/Toyahvale. We need all the support and noise you can make to let them know we are serious about protecting our resource and beautiful park!

Water is life! Our life is this community and we open our arms to you and welcome you to our little gem in the world and we welcome your support!

The gofundmepage for the water testing has been removed. Thanks to those who helped. 


Thank YOU for your support! Please Visit the site above for more information!  

Balmorhea is being approached with mineral rights leases by Apache Corporation. They are offering royalties in exchange for the lease of local land. Not only do they want access to what is underneath Balmorhea, they also want to use water for fracking purposes. The water district and several landowners have already entered into leases with Apache and we are already seeing several rigs in the area.

 There is a genuine concern for the spring water which is what feeds the Balmorhea Lake and State Park. Any damages to the spring or aquifer could result in some very negative consequences for Balmorhea.  There is concern for the endangered species which thrives in the local waters. Our concern is that there could be the potential for damage to the water due to all the fracking chemicals and horizontal drilling.

Balmorhea is known as the Oasis of West Texas because of the plentiful resource flowing from the San Solomon Springs. It would be a tragedy to have that ruined by an industry which at this point has more questions than answers. Aside from the potential damage to the water there are other hazards which could affect this area. It is has been argued that along with hydraulic fracking comes air quality concerns and many other issues which could impact the citizens of Balmorhea and the surrounding area.

Balmorhea thrives on tourism and this in turn causes potential health hazards for those who come to visit. Right now, we are asking for your support to show our local entities that inviting this kind of activity into our community is not something we support due to the potential dangers. In simple language, the costs and risk exceeds the benefit by far.

Help us Say NO  to fracking in Balmorhea and the immediate area by signing this petition to show our local entities where we stand and to ask them to say "No" to entering into a lease with Apache or any other oil company. Many people are under the belief that Apache will take the oil anyway and there is nothing we can do. Whether this is true or not we cannot just stand by and do nothing. If we lose, we lose fighting.

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