Allow Official Registered Blood Bike riders exemptions to use bus lanes.

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Volunteer Blood bikers, affiliated to registered charities across the country are all advanced riders, they have many years of training and experience before being allowed to convey urgent medical supplies, including organ donations, blood, platelets, baby milk and much more. They often need to make progress to get the delivery there in time. Riders may also find themselves in heavy traffic and although they can use the bike and their skills to make progress, there are often bus lanes which they could use safety and without compromising other traffic. However, recently there have been numerous fines issued by local councils, particularly Birmingham City council where a fixed penalty ticket has been issued to the charity for use of the bus lane. 
The very nature of the rider volunteer who was on duty will usually pay the fine as they were riding but wouldn’t it be nice not to be fined in the first place? 
Blood bike charities save millions of pounds to the NHS each year and help many people receive blood, organs, baby milk and medication, they are a well supported group of charities who work hard for the benefit of others owing to their caring nature. 
Please allow blood bikes the exemption for use of bus lanes without penalty.