Abolish the Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTN) street barriers in Kings Heath

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This petition is for anyone who is opposed to the road blockades/street barriers recently put in place (and planned to be implemented further) by Birmingham City Council (Highway Authority) as part of the Low Traffic Neighbourhoods programme.

By signing this petition you are requesting that Birmingham City Council remove the street barriers and engage in full consultation with the community to debate, consider and address the traffic issues in and arounds Kings Heath centre which will include safer provision for walking and cycling. 

Please also consider responding to Birmingham City Council’s request for on-line comments at: https://covidmeasuresbirmingham.commonplace.is/schemes/proposals/kings-heath-low-traffic-neighbourhood/details

A dedicated Facebook page has been set up titled ‘ Kings Heath LTN (Low Traffic Neighbourhoods) concerns’.  You may wish to share your comments and response to Birmingham City Council on here too https://www.facebook.com/groups/3579346215465861/?notif_id=1604839208606894&notif_t=group_milestone&ref=notif .    

Any other suggestions you may have on effective lobbying of the council are welcome.