BIPOC Art Instillation at WWU

BIPOC Art Instillation at WWU

May 13, 2022
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Started by Pierce Bock

URGENT - Install Black, Indigenous, and Latinx artwork in all buildings on Western’s campus

Petition for the support of BIPOC art on Western’s campus. (Pictured is Jason LeClair and indigenous artist in Bellingham, WA) 

We urge you to CONTINUE TO SUPPORT the BIPOC art installation project on campus. We have currently secured $4,000 in funding for this project but need to push harder to get art in every building.

We, the students of Western Washington deserve to share culture and art in our hallways and public areas.

This art creates an empowering space for people of color. This is an opportunity to celebrate black, indigenous, and Latinx culture. This petition is a way to show our university that we believe in the empowerment of these communities  

Katana Sol is a black student artist at WWU! We would love to commission for a screenprint that would go on the environmental studies building! She has already done a mural in Alma glass which looks amazing!! 

This is Jason LaClair, who worked on Bellingham & Ferndale Native murals. He’s from the Lummi & Nooksack! He’s got experience around here, making him a top pick for the Fairhaven stairway mural.


Wayne Chaudiere, a metal worker from Lummi. It would be cool if he did some functional art like the benches around campus!

Ty Juvinel from Tulalip was the consultant for an Edmonds Coast Salish mural, and his Linkedin says he’s dipped his artistic fingers in all sorts of art fields.


Local Native company 8th Generation:

As the academic year closes out, this opportunity to provide financial support is a last chance to progress through the Black Student Organization demands (as this project addresses Demand 7), as well as an opportunity to collaborate with the Native American Student Union!

We IMPLORE YOU TO advocate for the installation of these art pieces and recognition of these artists. Goal number 4 of Western’s strategic plan states that “WWU will contribute to redressing (failed) inequities by transforming policies, structures, and practices to ensure meaningful inclusion.” Installing BIPOC art around the university will ensure more meaningful inclusion.


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Signatures: 41Next Goal: 50
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