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Don't Stop Support For - Mass Effect Andromeda

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On the 20/08-2017 you made the announcement that you are officially abandoning the single player aspect of the game. Only to support Multi Player.
(Mass Effect Andromeda Update)

And as you must have seen, this has created a huge impact on thousands upon thousands of fans. Me included! 

All we ask.

Well i can only speak for me and the friends i know personally that loves and plays Mass Effect. We don't play the multiplayer that much, yeah it is fun once in a while, but only that.

We play the game for the awesome story telling. 

Therefore i have created this petition, in the hopes that if all the fans stand together and show the support for whatever else you wanted to make for the game. Youre gonna do it!

The link posted in the beginning of this, you mention that you will continue the stories of ME: Andromeda in novels and comics. DONT do that. Make it into DLC's.

In you're previous games. ME:1,ME:2 and ME:3 we got quite a few paid DLC's, and every single one was worth every penny!

And i will buy every single one you might have made for Andromeda! And i know oh so many other fans who would do the same. 

Bioware you make the best of the best. I know many fans did complain about Andromeda, but so many fans also cherished your work on it.

Personally the Mass Effect franchise has had a huge impact on my own life. In the times where i have been at my lowest, and felt the worst. I simply fired up Mass Effect, and everything would be okay again. I got a bunch of cool fan objects sitting everywhere in my home, and i even had some tattooed on me, as a daily reminder of how good this is. 

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