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Flipkart failed to deliver Pixel 2 XL B&W as promised - Need resolution and compensation

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Flipkart had opened the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL phones from Google on 26th October 2017 for pre-order to the public. The Pixel 2 was slated for an early November launch while the Pixel 2 XL was scheduled for 15th November. This wait time was quite long however considering how most enthusiasts and prospective customers were waiting to get their hands on the Pixel 2 XL, many obliged. The phone delivery date showed 17th November as an estimate and usually Flipkart and even Amazon plays it a bit safe when mentioning the delivery date so as to under promise and over deliver rather than the opposite which can upset most customers.

Might I also add that we are talking about the Pixel 2 XL here which till date is in the news daily for all the wrong reasons and despite that, we pre-ordered it because of our passion for the device and whatever few good reasons it has in its favour.

Fast forward to November 14th and I was so excited expecting to have the phone in my hands in a few days and that it could potentially be shipped in a few hours. The tracking bar had slowly processed from the "Order Placed" status to"Packed" but awaiting seller processing. For some weird reason the green tracking bar seemed to go in reverse post midnight after it became 15th. My friend who also pre-ordered the same device also noticed a similar issue. However we waited with bated breath to see the shipped notification in either app notification, tracking, SMS and/or email. But nothing came.

In the morning too there wasn't any update and by afternoon to early evening, the silence was defeaning.

This is when we used #AskMore, a hashtag that was trending and promoted and so conveniently setup by Google and Flipkart to search for an answer since Flipkart customer service kept giving empty promises. Upon further digging we saw that several Pixel 2 XL black units had been shipped while the Black/White or Panda variant as it's called by fans weren't shipped.

We weren't the only ones stuck in the situation. There were a dozen others at least and mind you, these are folks who are active on Twitter. There maybe those who are voicing out their concerns on other Social Media platforms too but to no avail. So we suspected that lack of units or no stock could be the reason behind it and an unfortunate email from Flipkart confirmed our worst fears. I haven't yet got the email but my product remains unshipped and in fact the tracking line seems to be going the other way around towards "Order Placed" and no it's not my mind posting tricks. 

My guess is that the new estimated delivery date which is in and around 1st December is the reason for this movement of the tracking bar. Either way, there are so many of us who are disappointed. We expected to get the device in release day if not on 17th. However, it seems that we have to wait around 2 more weeks to get our hands on the device, if that.

I don't believe that Flipkart wasn't aware of the lack of units. If they didn't receive the consignment, they should've not taken orders for the Black and White variant. We would've either waited for it to come or ordered the Black variant happily. However, now we're stuck without a proper answer or alternative. If we cancel the order and place a new order through Flipkart or any other retailer, we lose out the opportunity to get the free headset and maybe even lose out on the HDFC cashback which many would've redeemed. Both these made the concept of pre order the phone all the more tempting. On the other hand, if we stuck to Flipkart, who knows if we'll even get the devices in two weeks. What if they keep us in the dark about another "inevitable" D till the last moment. This isn't the way to retain existing customers or make new ones. This is how you do the exact opposite and the sad part is the lack of a proper resolution. Maybe Flipkart can offer the Black unit as an alternative to those who don't want to wait or come up with their own solution. Either way, I and I'm sure many others like me want a resolution for this disappointment and more than that, also expect a compensation for all the unnecessary trouble caused to us.

Flipkart has said that it'll be adding 300 rupees to every customers account for the delayed order but that hardly cuts it. The problem isn't actually about money or the Panda Pixel 2 XL or even any Pixel device for that matter. It's just that customers are taken for granted in this country unlike other nations where retailers willingly do whatever this petition is intended to do without needing to create a petition in the first place because they cherish their customers. If you believe that the customer deserves better treatment in India especially from Flipkart and/or if you're a disappointed customer who pre-ordered the Pixel 2 XL Panda, please do Sign this so that we can get justice.

UPDATE November 16th - Customers who had pre-ordered the Just Black variant of the Pixel 2 XL have started receiving their units which is good. However, they have also given them a special package which includes a wooden box that houses a thank you note and the Sennheiser wireless earphones that were actually supposed to be redeemed by the user later on in the year during December. It is definitely better if Flipkart gives everyone the headset along with the phone. However what they've done now is wrong. Leave aside the customers of the Pixel 2 XL Panda variant who are still waiting to get their phone at least, what's more surprising here is that they didn't include the headset with the Pixel 2 orders. No headset, no wooden box and no thank you note. 

Google proudly boasted that they don't discriminate amongst handsets and they provide a practically identical experience across both the devices. However it seems that they're favouring the Pixel 2 XL customers over the regular Pixel 2 customers. I myself am a Pixel 2 XL buyer and I understand that since my phone isn't in stock, they can't ship the headset alone to me. However discriminating between both the sets of customers is completely wrong be it in terms of release date or package contents. This situation is just getting worse.

Yours sincerely,

A truly disappointed customer

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