Stop BiNet USA from claiming they legally own the bisexual flag

Stop BiNet USA from claiming they legally own the bisexual flag

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Started by Jasmine Puente

On April 28th BiNet USA tweeted “#ICYMI BiNet USA, created the bisexual pride flag. In conversation with #MichaelPage; @thefayth
was asked why BiNet hasn’t enforced it. We begin to do so today. @HRC remove #bipride Zoom backgrounds. No bi+ should have to sign up for HRC emails for our flag.” 

Historically the bisexual pride flag was created by Michael Page. It is not patented, trade marked, or service marked. According to Queer Art History “The Bisexual Pride flag was created by Michael Page and debuted on December 8, 1998 on BiCafe . com (now defunct.) Page wanted to create a prominent symbol for the bisexual community just as the gay pride (rainbow) flag was prominent to the gay community after its creation by Gilbert Baker in 1978. He chose the colors for the flag for the popular “Bi-Angles” symbol of triangles and combined them into a flag that used 40% pink (to represent homosexuality), 20% purple (to represent a combination of homosexuality and heterosexuality), and 40% blue (to represent heterosexuality).” 

This flag should remain in the public domain because it is a symbol of bisexual pride, and to block certain groups from using the symbol would commercialize it. A quote from Michael Page “The Bi Pride Flag is the only bisexual symbol not patented, trademarked or service marked. Please use the exact colors listed below. If we are going to be effective with this flag, we need to be consistent with our colors. This flag continues to be distributed on a global scale through In it's short history, the Bi Pride Flag has been visible in many important GLBT events world-wide. A few of these events under Bi Activism Photos.” [For the full article see

Bisexuals and allies let’s unite against the actions of BiNet USA Today!


2,710 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!