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BNSF is threatening expansion of their rail line through a highly populated residential area on Pearson Creek in Springfield, Missouri.  Not only will many property owners be affected directly by losing ownership and use of their property, the environmental impact will be devastating to the local ecology.  In addition, the increased volume of train traffic is a safety concern to the HUNDREDS who use Farm Road 193 as a safe walking trail for their families. 

BNSF's plan is to build a 10,000 foot second line around the Pearson Creek Loop, in order to create a passing track to accommodate a massive increase in train traffic; thereby creating a rail station in an established residential area.  Many property owners stand to lose hundreds of feet and several acres of their property and safe access to their homes.  The planned construction will take several years and will cause the removal of thousands of trees that create a sight and sound buffer to the existing track, causing irreparable property damage.  The construction will also have direct impact on the drainage into Pearson Creek, (a James River tributary), an area that is already at risk for water quality and flooding concerns.

This is a LOCAL example of BIG business bullying private citizens for corporate greed.  This track expansion will be devastating for our friends and neighbors, with the only benefactor being BNSF's bottom line.  BNSF is misleading and bullying your neighbors through intimidation and fear, purporting that no one has any choice other than to submit to their will.       

This affects residents in east Springfield, specifically the neighborhoods of Emerald Park, Copper Mill, and all of the residents on or around Farm Road 193 and Pearson Creek.  If you live in or near this area, Please SIGN AND SHARE.   If this doesn't impact you directly, you can still make your voice heard in support of your friends and neighbors.   Please sign and share ANYWAY!  We need your help.  

"TELL BNSF NO!!!!" to destroying our beautiful neighborhood! 

We hope this petition will serve as our VOICE.  Please help us!