Bring back Husar!

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This past month Australia has seen Federal MP Emma Husar be subjected to a trial by media, gossip and innuendo - she endured threats against herself and her family, her reputation was destroyed and her career in politics has unjustly come to an end. 

After 3 weeks of intense media attention, the investigation (that had been ongoing since March) concluded by saying that there was no basis for Ms Husar to resign from parliament! 

Firstly, let me give you a bit of an insight into Emma from what I have personally experienced and seen first hand:

I met Emma a little over a year ago - I immediately found her passion for change and her determination to make the lives of disadvantaged Australians absolutely addictive. I immediately knew that she was someone I wanted to not only represent me as my MP but also someone that I wanted to learn from and someone that could help me make a difference in the world however small that may be. 

I saw Emma bend over backwards to employ another single mother who, like Emma, had experienced severe Domestic Violence. That wasn't enough though -  Emma then passionately advocated for this woman to ensure that she gained private rental accommodation (to enable her to break out of the housing commission cycle). Despite doing all of this, this very same ex-staff member turned on Emma and became the first person to publicly speak out about the alleged bullying within Emma's office. Confused? Yep, me too. All I can say is that jealousy is a curse! 

Finally (because I could go on and on and on), without Emma, the newly opened Nepean Womens Shelter would not be in existence. 

I think to loose Emma from parliament is a huge loss to Lindsay, to Australia and to Women. We should be encouraging more women to enter parliament NOT bully them out! 

If you don't care about Emma I can't change that, but one thing that every female in Australia should care about is female representation in parliament! One thing that has become abundantly clear to me throughout this process is just how thick the glass ceiling is for women in Australia especially women in Australian politics! From the male ex-staffer who was behind the majority of the claims (you know, the one who felt that he was entitled to her seat), to the conservative right factions of the labor party who have intentionally excluded Emma from party events, and last but not least to the media so eager to slut shame someone based on fabricated lies. 

Lets show Emma that we want her to keep fighting and that we are willing to help her smash that glass ceiling once and for all!