Get Andrew Yang on 60 Minutes

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American politics has devolved into name calling, tribalism, and "what about-ism." Meanwhile, we have a Presidential election coming up in 2020 and thus far, most of the coverage of candidates has been superficial, news entertainment.

Andrew Yang is the only candidate talking about the revolutionary impact of Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and Software on the working class American worker. He's also the first candidate to make Universal Basic Income his central theme, and the first Asian-American running for President. He is also the only Democratic candidate drawing support from both progressives, independents, and Trump voters. Yet most Americans have no knowledge of him despite him outpolling the majority of candidates and drawing support from nearly 100K donors.

Were it not for Joe Rogan's podcast, no one would have heard of him. How can we tell the fuller story behind this candidacy?

60 Minutes is one of the few remaining news outlets that does long-form journalism with in depth, nuanced, and thought provoking research. We've seen great interest in Andrew Yang online, let's see if 60 Minutes can go deeper, ask the hard follow-up questions, and uncover the story behind this presidential candidate who looks, sounds, and thinks like none of the others.