Justice For 1-year-old Katera Jenkins-Barker, who was killed by white adoptive dad

Justice For 1-year-old Katera Jenkins-Barker, who was killed by white adoptive dad

June 4, 2020
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Started by Forsyth Exposed

On May 23rd, Katera Jenkins (Barker) life was cut tragically short. It wasn't by cancer or by an act of God, it was at the hands of her caretaker, and soon to be adoptive father, Matt Barker. While in the custody of the Bethany Cristian adoptive services of Tennessee.

Katera Jenkins had been placed up for adoption by her birth mother Dedja, because she wanted her daughter to have more opportunities than what she would have been able to provide her. During her short year of life, Katera's birth mom kept open communication with Katera's soon to be adoptive parents, Matt and Jenny Barker.

Jenny appeared to be a loving and doting mother, but Matt seemed distant, and Dedja repeatedly voiced her concerns to Bethany Christian and her adoption counselor which was dismissed and brushed off.

All of Dedja's concerns and instincts were dismissed as she was having remorse and would pull Katera out of the pending adoption.

On May 11th, 2018 Katera's 1st birthday, those feeling became even more apparent, when Matt Barker, was visibly distant and cold during Katera's 1st birthday party. Dedja had signed the adoption papers the month before and felt she legally had no right to voice her concerns further.

Less than 2 weeks after Katera's 1st birthday, at 12 am Dedja gets an unexpected visit from Bethany Christian, about a "Freak accident" involving Katera. But there was no way this was an accident.

On May 23rd, Matt Barker was supposed to take both of his children to daycare, where the older child would then be shuttled off to school. Matt claims to be exhausted that day and running late and decided to drive his older daughter to school and double back and drop the baby off at daycare. That never happened.

Matt's plan didn't seem logical, considering that he claimed to be in a rush. The extra stops on his route would have taken much longer. Instead of dropping his daughter off at daycare, he arrives home phones a uber and leaves little Katera to die a slow and painful death.

Later that evening, when Matt's wife Jenny went to collect the children, she learns that little Katera never made it to daycare. Frantic, she calls Matt, and he tells her, "I might have left her in the care."

Katera died strapped to a car seat, with the windows rolled up, it was over 100 degrees in that car. She died alone and scared, with no one to comfort her.

A week after Katera's funeral, Matt went on an island vacation, to "Celebrate" her life. But in reality, the inconvenience of Katera, for Matt is over.

The Davidson county police wanted to bring charges against Matt, but because of his political connections,. The District attorney's office declined to charge him.

Bethany Christian at the time of Katera's death, was her legal custodian; they declined any action against Matt in fear of how it would make their agency look. Her adoption counselor also pressured her to delete all of her social media and to not "speak" about the "accident".

Matt Barker and Bethany Christian Adoptive services should be held responsible for Katera's death.

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Signatures: 522,757Next Goal: 1,000,000
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