Ban McKamey Manor!

Ban McKamey Manor!

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Started by Eli Martin

McKamey Manor is a ‘Haunted House’ in Tennessee. It is a horrible series of events where people that sign of have to endure so much pain and trauma. It is an attraction that people sign up for to win $20,000. This attraction has actions including water boarding, eating unknown substances, being abused, being forced to crawl in small spaces, and more.

This should be banned and the organizer, Russ McKamey should be in jail for creating and letting people endure this pain. Many people have suffered serious injuries and even died in the attraction. This should be illegal and the people on the waiting list should back out and never think about trying this hell chamber.

Technically, this is legal because the participants sign a 40-page waver before they start but even then, they are hit and abused before they even sign the waiver.

Looking at the videos on YouTube of peoples experiences on YouTube made me feel sick, they are extremely graphic and from what I could see, this attraction has multiple people abusing you at any time. If you fight back they will hurt you even more and sometimes almost kill you. The people involved have to beg for mercy to leave. Sometimes they don’t even let them leave even after begging to stop. This is another reason why this is sick and not ok. They should be a safe word or some type of way to get out immediately. There is even a “No Mercy” version where they don’t let you leave until they feel like you should. This is so sick and

I made this petition to ban the attraction. this attraction has been going on for so many years and some parts are so graphic that some parts can’t even be filmed. If you want to look at the personal experiences of the victims you can find it by searching “McKamey Manor” on YouTube. ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ EXTREMELY GRAPHIC. 

59 have signed. Let’s get to 100!