Will the Real Bill Lambert Please Step Up: Interview with Barry Schwartz

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Is he actually a Googler? If so, how has he gotten away with leaking info for so long? We need the proof either way. The SEO community deserves answers and the man we know who can get them is Barry Schwartz of Rusty Brick and Seroundtable.com.

"We have an issue here with someone claiming (not even claiming but acting as) a Googler, or a Google spy, or someone with inside Google intel, who comments here. This person goes under the alias of Bill Lambert. He posts here randomly, often giving advice around Google issues, advice that real Googlers would never give. He also tries to predict when Google will roll out updates. Sometimes he is close on those predictions and sometimes he is off. With predicting core updates, you don't need to be that smart, Google has rolled them out at the end of beginning of every quarter or so for the past few times."

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