We demand ACS/CPS stop destroying families.

We demand ACS/CPS stop destroying families.

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Benjamin Eagle-Staton started this petition to Mayor of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and


            When families enter the family court system they do so in a state of crisis. By the time they exit many of them are destroyed. Judges mandate parents complete certain requirements in order to have their children returned.  In NYC, ACS workers ask children who have the capacity to speak, meaning as young as 3 in some cases, where they want to live. Meaning, do they want to return to their parents or remain in foster care. Regardless if their parents have fulfilled the judicial requirements, children are kept in foster care or placed in adoption.

      Foster parents receive funds from the state, supposedly, to care for the children.  Many of them receive more from these grants than their salaries if they are employed.   Their MAIN INCOME is the grant! Therefore, foster parents have a financial incentive to keep the child(ren) in their care rather than see them returned to their real parents.  The grants have little or no oversight and due to this lack of financial oversight many foster parents are PROFESSIONAL FOSTER PARENTS! Also the grant size increases when a child is deemed by the foster care agency to have "special needs"; it should not be a surprise that many children acquire sudden ailments which never existed until placed in foster care.

Additionally, the majority of families the city removes children from are poor. In most cases the circumstances which resulted in the child(ren)'s removal were poverty induced. Again, it is no surprise that the foster parents can manipulate the children with material goods to achieve their goals.

The foster parents and foster care agencies have a financial incentive to discourage children from wanting to leave. In the worst cases the foster parents belittle and ridicule the birth parents in order to destroy the child-parent bond.  In other cases the children are "bought" through the giving of gifts.  

      In August of 2014, my four children were taken from me because of my illness. Now, two and a half years later, my 3 daughters have been returned.  My 14 year old son, however, is being kept by the foster parents.

       The claim is that he doesn't want to be returned. I say claim because throughout my case the agency and Legal Aid attorney assigned to represent my son have repeatedly misrepresented the facts, omitted important details and flat-out lied. I cannot accept what they report without independent verification. However, is not possible because the system has barred my wife and I from either speaking to him personally or through a trusted and independent 3rd party.

      If this is true, that he doesn't want to come home, then it is due to the foster parents speaking ill of my wife and I because we are Muslim. Additionally, we are an interracial couple who the foster parents, my in-laws, have never accepted.

       It is causing irreparable harm to my family. My daughters have not seen their brother in months. My wife hasn't seen him in almost a year. I haven't seen my son for longer than that. Only someone who has been through this can understand our frustration and pain. It must be noted that my wife fulfilled her requirements one year prior to our girls being returned. I fulfilled them about 6 months before their return.

The family court system does this to hundreds, if not thousands, of families every year. Yet, most of the children who are hurt or, in the worst and saddest of cases, killed, it is done in FOSTER CARE and NOT by their biological parents.

We the undersigned therefore demand that ACS cease this practice immediately and return all the children kept from their parents under these circumstances as long as their parents fulfilled the requirements set forth by the court.

It must be noted that the change we demand is to prevent the city from placing an adult decision in the hands of minors. Children cannot make purchases online, log on to website geared for their age or even walk home from school without the express consent of their parents. So how can the city place such a life changing decision in their hands?

It is obvious is the lack of foresight in children. No one would sanction a teenager to drop out school. No one would allow a child to dictate whether or not they want to practice basic hygiene. No one would allow a child to eat cake for dinner instead. Children lack basic knowledge of life experience that only age can grant.

Parental Alienation is a form of emotional abuse whereby an adult turns a child against their parents. It was not included in the DSM-V due to political pressure. However, most clinical psychologists agree on the fact that this form of abuse exists and that effects of it are incredibly harmful for the child and the adults involved. So why does ACS promote such an activity?

This destructive and reprehensible practice MUST be stopped!


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