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#theydeservebetter2017 America wants New York City to transition to nokill at ACC

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At Animal Care and Control (ACC) in New York City many adoptable animals are put down daily when transitioning to nokill policies have many benifits to the city, people and our furry friends. Stopping the brutal puppymill and kittymill trade is part of this problem. Spaying and neutering your pets is a must to stop the euthanazation of more then 5-8 Million animals every year in America. If New York City transitions to no kill, allows only shelter animals in pet stores, this would make the abuse happening in animal mills much less profitable and banning the sale of puppymill pets in pet stores would stop this cruel industry in this country. As we all know when New York City starts a trend, it spreads across the country. The penalties for animal abuse and neglect need to be stiffened and implemented. Sentences need to be harsh enough to deter future offenders, longer prison sentences must be in place or this endless abuse cannot stop. Educating our young on the treatment of animals needs introduced at an early age and spending a week volunteering at a local shelter should be introduced and part of every childs schooling. Our children can end this age of abuse we see everyday on our local news. This could easily be part of the school's curriculum. Nokill policies make visitors want to come to your city. It will make the city more attractive. Adoptions go up when nokill policies are in place.  People want to adopt from nokill shelters. More people want to volunteer thier time to nokill shelters. People want to donate more when they know that the animals will not be put down and more funds means more options of how to use those funds. Builds employee confidence and hones thier skills. Other cities are making this work and I know New York can as well.  So I'm riding my bike from Denver and stopping in small towns all along the way and asking for signatures to show how America wants nokill policies in place. Please consider the benefits nokill can offer your fine city. As a crossposter on social media,  trying to help these adoptable animals stay alive and trying to find homes for each and everyone of them. We see so many good pets lose this battle and it really doesn't have to be this way. I ask you, please Mayor Bill de Blasio, make New York City a nokill city and let's make this a kinder and gentler America for everyone including our furry friends.

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