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Stop Crown Heights' 20th shelter from opening: Bergen House Homeless Shelter (for 104 men)

We are writing concerning the planned introduction of three additional homeless shelters in Crown Heights, including the 104-bed facility for men known as the “Bergen House Homeless Shelter.”

We recognize that the city is facing a homeless crisis and its attempts to seek solutions, short term and long term, to address said crisis.

Crown Heights is not anti-homeless shelter. We are sympathetic to struggling families and single people in need of a place to live. The mayor's rollout plan is not in the best interest of the homeless. The proposed Bergen House Homeless Shelter is a warehouse. Packing people into warehouses is not a solution to the homeless crisis. 

Our issues are twofold: 1). the continued over-saturation of social-service beds in our community, and 2). the inappropriate placement of the Bergen House Homeless Shelter, given the proximity to numerous other shelters. 

  • Crown Heights is home to an estimated 15-19 homeless shelters--within blocks of the Brooklyn Children’s Museum and 37 schools and afterschool programs.
  • Crown Heights, Bed-Stuy, and Brownsville have more shelter beds than ALL OF BROOKLYN COMBINED. [Source: NY 1]

  • Crown Heights alone has more shelter beds than seven predominantly white neighborhoods in Brooklyn combined (CBs 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 15). [Source: NY1]

  • Crown Heights and Bed-Stuy house 10x the shelter beds the mayor’s Park Slope does:
  • Crown Heights: 1,779
    Bed-Stuy: 1,527
    Park Slope: 331

The de Blasio administration’s actions run directly counter to a new City Council effort to strengthen the Fair Share Criteria aimed at equitably spreading social service and other programs and amenities around the city. [NYTimes]

Within a four block radius of two of the proposed shelters, the area already hosts:

  • The largest shelter for single men in the city, houses over 350 beds (the Bedford-Atlantic Armory Men's Shelter), which according to the NYT, "has been notorious for crime, loitering, and panhandling."
  • Another recently opened shelter on Nostrand and Atlantic
  • 11 halfway-house and mental health facilities (that we know of, operated by the Institute for Community Living)
  • Proposed: 132-family shelter scheduled to open at 265 Rogers Ave.
  • Proposed: 104-bed Bergen House Homeless Shelter for men

This overwhelming concentration represents an inequitable distribution of shelters and service-center beds to Crown Heights, much of which is a landmarked historic district.

There needs to be greater equitable sharing of social services.

We signed here oppose the opening of the Bergen House Homeless Shelter and are holding our elected officials responsible for ensuring it does not open.

This petition will be delivered to:
  • Mayor of New York City
    Bill de Blasio
  • Brooklyn Borough President
    Eric L. Adams

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