Stop Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 6 Development - Gone Awry!

Stop Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 6 Development - Gone Awry!

May 5, 2014
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Started by Lori Suzanne

- Parks are for "people and plants," not skyscrapers and shadows from skyscrapers; southern area of park is needed green space for southern Brooklyn residents 

- We, the people, are giving away green space, beyond our lifetimes, to pay for shorter lived park amenities; BBP finances should be more transparent

- Real estate development should reflect the local community and context; 30 stories is too high! and goes against prior planning agreements

- Northern park lux condo buildings under construction,  Pierhouse by Toll Brothers, will only be 10 and 5 stories

- One Brooklyn Bridge Park (historical building nextdoor to Pier 6) is 14 stories, new proposed Pier 6 building will be at least 30 stories! 2x as high! and 3x as high as Pierhouse!

- Why is southern Brooklyn Bridge Park being treated differently than the north Park area?

Please stop the development on Pier 6 and leave this green space to the community! At a minimum, return to prior agreements, and limit the height of the building to the height of the Toll Brothers' Pierhouse (10 stories)!


***Developers proposals DUE JULY 21 ***

Press Release:

Thank you! #SavePier6

Other things you can do! 1) ask your Brooklyn friends and neighbors to sign this petition 2) Join "Save Pier 6" on Facebook 3) Twitter @BilldeBlasio #SavePier6 4) email us with advice and suggestions! WE need your help!

email the mayor directly,


 ***Board of Directors: the 17 Decision Makers ***

Alicia Glen, Chair - NYC Deputy Mayor For Housing and Economic Development, formerly, Goldman Sachs’ Urban Investment Group

Peter Aschkenasy – Brooklyn Heights resident, longtime community participant, FEDCAP Boardmember, Lindsay administration, former restaurateur

Steven M. Cohen - Brooklyn resident, lawyer, Zuckerman Spaeder LLP, Former Chief of State for Cuomo

Henry (“Hank”) B. Gutman – lawyer, Simpson Thacher, New York League of Conservation Voters board member

Edna Wells Handy - NYC DCAS Commissioner, Mayor De Blasio appointee to this board  

Shari Hyman - President and Chief Operating Officer of the Battery Park City Authority

Kyle Kimball – President, NYC Economic Development Corporation

Stephen Levin – NYC Council Member, District 33, representing impacted Brooklyn neighborhoods

Stephen Merkel – lawyer, Cantor Fitzgerald Executive Managing Director

David G. Offensend – Brooklyn Heights resident, New York Public Library, COO, formerly Evercore Partners and Lehman Brothers

John Raskin – Board Representative for Daniel L. Squadron, NYS Senate Senator, 26th District 

Mitchell Silver – NYC Parks Commissioner, Mayor De Blasio appointee 

Daniel (Danny) D. Simmons – Brooklyn resident, writer and artist, also serves with Brooklyn Academy of Music, among many other cultural organizations

Nanette Smith – Former secretary to Bloomberg's Chief of Staff, Patti Harris

Anne Strahle – Chief of Staff for Joan Millman, Assemblywoman for Brooklyn, District 52 

Joanne Witty – former head of Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation, former Environmental Defense Action Fund


Regina Myer, President of Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation since 2007, formerly NYC City Planning, formerly New York City Department of City Planning (DCP)

Petition Closed

This petition had 3,957 supporters

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