Save jobs by opposing the NYC Garment Center rezoning proposal.


Sign this petition to oppose the Garment Center rezoning proposal and support the thousands of jobs supported by manufacturing, suppliers, and other Garment Center businesses.

Mayor de Blasio and the Economic Development Corporation have proposed to remove the 1987 zoning protections from the Garment Center and are currently fast tracking approvals outside of any public forum and without consulting any of the effected stakeholders, including organized labor, factories, and trim and fabric suppliers. If approved, the re-zoning would be devastating to these hundreds of companies and thousands of workers.

We have created this petition because we care about the maker movement. People from all over the world come to NYC to start their brands and businesses because of the immediate and unique access to manufacturing, material, workers, and expertise. There is nowhere else in the world that has this unique centralized community. Our city will lose a piece of what makes it special if we eliminate the Garment Center from midtown Manhattan. We need support for the maker industry RIGHT NOW. The very government that has pledged support to the maker industry is trying to ship manufacturing off to a non-central location. The Garment Center will not survive the move.

We are asking Mayor de Blasio, the NY Economic Development Corporation, and other city officials for 3 actions:

1. Do not allow the current proposed re-zoning of midtown West Manhattan to pass.

2. To consult and include the businesses that would be effected by the proposal, including manufacturers, organized labor, and suppliers.

3. To consider alternatives, such as investment directly in the Garment District and its businesses.

Instead of re-zoning the Garment Center, we propose that the City focus on engaging the existing fashion ecosystem, supporting more innovation in textile, product development, and technical integrations. We should take what we have and make it better instead of pulling the carpet from underneath from what exists today.

Sign and show your support now. The rezoning proposal is set to be approved as soon as April of this year!

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