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Make it mandatory for NYCACC to initiate contact to New Hope Rescues for At Risk Animals!

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Why is it not mandatory for the New York City Animal Care & Control to contact the relevent New Hope and other rescue organizations that meet the requirements of a New Hope before euthanizing any labeled At Risk animal? What can we do to change that?

As it stands, even with great improvements in the past few years to how the NYCACC functions, there are too many animals being euthanized before appropriate measures are taken to prevent their untimely, cruel and needless deaths. Currently the Animal Eligibility for New Hope Placement as stated within page 4 of the Animal Care & Control of NYC's New Hope program, most recent as of March 2011 mentions nothing of in house outreach to any rescue assistance providers before a status leaning towards euthanasia is placed upon an animal in need. "Rescue only" animals practically stand no chance of leaving their grounds alive unless and by chance a caring individual associated with one of these good causes sees their profile in the long list of others awaiting redemption. 

We need to address the need to stop the unnecessary deaths due to lack of space from the constant influx of new animals and other reasons within the NYCACC; especially given how there's already is an option to move shelter animals into safe spaces offered by those running the New Hope approved rescue organizations and fosters who are voluntarily opening themselves to the job of taking them in for continued rehabilitative care instead of allowing them to perish by no faulty of their own as victims of a broken system.

Please, let's make it required that the NYCACC make the necessary informative calls to the New Hope foundations as related and relevant to their mission adoption listings to these animals arise so to save more lives. As high as the adoption rate has been, there's still plenty of room for improvement. Let's make one of the most important moves made yet happen!


Further information concerning the NYCACC below;
- Stated definition and purpose of New Hope Rescues.
- The core defacto facts presented in number form.
- Other names to contact, please see the January 27th, 2017 board meeting for the most recent information concerning news and the Outcome rates within the NYCACC.

- The direct link to the good people dedicated to saving the lives of NYC shelter animals. 

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