Make ACC a No-Kill shelter!

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Hi all. I recently found out about ACC NYC. If I knew about this toxic place before now, I would have started this petition a long time ago. These people, as many of you might know, kill innocent, scared animals every single day. Dozens of them. It doesn't matter to them if someone steps up to offer to take one of these poor cats and dogs home. They deny you, ignore you, and they give some bull reason why you can't. This was obviously sickening to me. But what really pushed me over the edge was a dog named Monterey, 5 years old, who they recently just killed. For NO reason. I read that Monterey came to them on the 16th of September. They found him on the street. He was scared, fearful and reluctant - maybe because complete strangers just caught him and brought him somewhere unknown to him. We have no idea what happened to him before that. He could have been abused his entire life, or alone for most of it. They listed Monterey on death row but, surprise surprise, he was in perfect health. I personally reached out to ACC NYC 12 times yesterday. 12. I said I would love to take Monterey and to please tell me what I needed to do. They wrote back only once to tell me that because of his "behavior" issues, they only wanted him being saved by a rescue. So instead of allowing someone to adopt Monterey, they killed him. This is enough now. I know that there are kill shelters everywhere, hundreds of animals being put down everyday but I can't stop every single shelter. We can't. But we can try to change this one. Please share this with your friends and family. Let's save these innocent animals together.