Turn DARK to LIGHT on the Broadway Bridge

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Greeting All:

As a resident of Marble Hill for 20 years and now reside at Inwood, I've always adore the  Broadway Bridge.  As a young child, our family would walk over to Inwood by crossing the Broadway Bridge; which connects Upper North Bronx & Manhattan.  

The joy of crossing the Broadway Bridge brought excitement for all, which lead to game called "Avoid The Trains or Boats", riding our bicycle (at that time), couples walking over the bridge or even just to view the river and seeing the reflection of lights.  During the winter time was grand as well, to see the large sheets of ice during day or night.  Listening to the hollowing of the cars passing over the Broadway Bridge always excited me as young boy.  Even to this day, the hollowing is still a soothing sound.

How about the grand view of the Henry Hudson Bridge? Evening night walks were always refreshing to see the Henry Hudson Bridge lights brighten the even skies.  

Then there's (sore eyes) the Broadway Bridge with no lights to guide our community to safety and with about three working street lights (out of 8), just doesn't make sense at all.  Unless, you want crime rate to increase, unless you want a person of negativity take advantage of doing harm to others and etc.

Lets have consideration of those who come home late from work, transportation, shopping and everything else that's involved with the Broadway Bridge.

On the behalf of Marble Hill and Inwood, lets illuminate and bring beauty to a bridge which continue to serve our community for 53 years.


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