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Extend the Rockaway Ferry Service to include weekends this summer.

Super-storm Sandy devastated our neighborhoods in Southern Queens and Rockaway, including our vital transportation infrastructure.  The Rockaway Ferry Service has not only provided an efficient, economical and convenient means of transportation since the hurricane, but has provided enormous assistance to help our community recover. 

The Belle Harbor Property Owners Association petitions the Mayor to extend the Rockaway Ferry Service to include weekends  beginning on the weekend of May 31st and ending on September 7thusing the EASILY ACCESSIBLE existing 108th Street location.

These 15 weekends of high speed ferry service in the summer will generate revenue in Manhattan as well as in the Rockaways and add to our menu of items available to tourists visiting our great city.  An AFFORDABLE weekend ferry service in the city will promote tourism in Rockaway. A possible theme could be  “A Day at the Beach in the world’s greatest city!” Our Rockaway beaches, fine restaurants and parks would  be highlighted. 

Please join our fight to provide better, AFFORDABLE transit options for Southern Queens and Rockaway residents by signing this petition to extend high speed ferry service to the weekends in the summer.

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  • Mayor of New York City ,City Hall New York, NY 10007
    Bill de Blasio

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