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Recall Governor John Bel Edwards

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 The populous of Louisiana (4.66 million) is stretched to the breaking point by bad policy, severe fiscal mismanagement, and putting party ahead of the people; on both the national and state level.  When a state such as Louisiana has 127,573 workers unemployed and 870,815 people receiving government assistance, raising taxes across the board putting more stress on the workers is not the answer. The people of Louisiana deserve to have leadership with common sense, who continuously learn from the world around them, and not making the same mistakes over and over. Recently elected John Bel Edwards is doing just that, with his detrimental 2 page proposal; which raises taxes across the board with reckless abandon.  The people of Louisiana demand competent leadership that makes Louisiana a fruitful environment by creating a welcoming atmosphere for jobs and personal economic growth for everyone and not just a select few.    



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