Boycott “Big Lick” TN Walking Classes At Tunica (MS) Delta Fall Classic!!!

Boycott “Big Lick” TN Walking Classes At Tunica (MS) Delta Fall Classic!!!

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Please SIGN this Petition to STOP Animal Cruelty to beautiful Tennessee Walking Horses (“Big Lick”).    CCABLAC calls for a "WE, The People" BOYCOTT of this cruel "Big Lick" Horse Show.

Tunica County (MS) is Delta farmland along the Mississippi River,  right below Memphis, Tennessee.  It is also a casino resort community, which has fallen on economic hard times.

The “TUNICA HORSE SHOW” is the last major 2018 “Big Lick” Show.    

Wealthy “Big Lickers”,  and their Trainer BOYZ , will take the Animal Cruelty  300 miles from the epicenter at Shelbyville, TN to the Delta flat land of rural bucolic Tunica, MS.

The “Big Lickers” will party at the Gold Strike Casino on the Mississippi River, and then drive 12 miles over to the “Big Lick” Horse Show at the Tunica Arena and Expo Center on Highway 61 to enjoy the Animal Cruelty to Tennessee Walking Horses (“Big Lick”).

Tennessee Walking Horses are TORTURED from an early age to learn how to do the “Big Lick”.   It is a pain-induced gait. The horses throw their legs high while wearing CHAINS and SIX – EIGHT POUND stack shoes.   Caustic chemicals are applied to sensitive skin above the horses hooves, and then wrapped with plastic to “cook in” the chemicals which causes the skin to be blistered. 

When the chains hit the skin,  the horses throw their front legs high while squatting down on their back legs – creating the cruel “Big Lick”.  “Big Lick” TWH are the only horses in America which wear Chains in the show ring.  And they are shown as TWO YEAR OLDS.  

According to native Tennessean and Noted Equine Vet Dr. John Haffner,   the      "Big Lick" is a "business built on the suffering and pain of horses".   Dr. Haffner is a member of the Horse Science Faculty at MTSU (Middle Tennessee State University) in Murfreesboro, TN.

The State of Mississippi took a stand against the “Big Lick” Animal Cruelty in    March 2015, when the University of Mississippi Medical Center severed all ties with the “Big Lick” Mississippi Charity Horse Show in Jackson, MS; and refused to accept a $50,000.00 annual charitable donation.

In October 2016,  due to the efforts of CCABLAC,   the death of the"Big Lick" Mississippi Charity Horse Show,  held for over 76 years on the Mississippi State Fairgrounds in Jackson, Mississippi,  was officially announced.

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WE, The People, CCABLAC -                                                                                 Citizens Campaign Against "Big Lick" Animal Cruelty -                                          “We Speak FOR ‘The Horses’ Who Cannot Speak For Themselves”

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