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Bill A7724 to Repeal the Tax on Small Business Black Car & Limousine Bases

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We are taking this opportunity to implore you to reconsider the state sales tax on the Limousine & Black Car Industry of New York State.

Our company is a member of the Black Car Assistance Corporation (BCAC). The Limousine & Black Car Industry Statewide is currently facing one of the most dire economic times we have ever experienced! This additional tax burden has forced members to consider closing their operation or blend with larger companies to merely survive.

Our Industry parallels the national footprint: 85% of the industry is comprised of 3 to 5 vehicle operations. Our industry adheres to all local, state and national laws that currently have a significant cost associated with them. The addition of the sales tax has been very difficult on our industry, presently we pay sales tax on all our tangible items (i.e. gasoline, oil, vehicles, etc), then are required to charge our clients sales tax on the same items they just paid tax on. These vehicles are driven by independent contractors that are essentially small business owners in and of themselves.

In addition we end up assuming the expense of all credit card transactions in regard to sales tax (anywhere from 2-3% per event). When this law was buried in the 2009 budget & passed when the budget passed, it exempted taxis and public transportation thus creating an unfair playing field in many of the markets across the State of New York. With the livery cars in New York City now tax exempt, this has made it even more difficult for operators to survive down state.

The time for your support is NOW to immediately react. Help your constitutions that are located in every district in the state from this additional taxation. We implore you to allow this industry to survive, employ local staff and provide a tax revenue base through employment, to our respective communities with your action as requested above.

Keep in mind our industry pays for Federal operating authority, NY State operating authority, state fees, are subject to state vehicle inspections, they pay local permitting fees, licensing fees, business taxes, airport fees and NY Sales tax on all tangible items. We respectfully request you Support Bill A7724 to help small business survive in the whole state of New York

Thank you in advance for your ability to provide this opportunity to allow us with the foundation to sustain businesses and provide for the families they employ. Should you have a need for additional information, please contact Ira Goldstein at 212.269.4800.

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