Support the Cause to Create a Protected Bicycle Lane on Main Highway in Coconut Grove.

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Miami, Florida has a growing bicycle culture. Every year, every day, more locals are using the bike paths in our city, or are attempting to ride bicycles for transportation and commuting.  In light of the dangerous state of bicycling and vehicles interacting unfavorably along our thoroughfares, the Coconut Grove Business Improvement District believes that Miami Dade County officials have a duty to address the infrastructure and safety needs of the local cycling community.

We the undersigned join the Office's of Commissioner Marc D. Sarnoff and the Coconut Grove Business Improvement District in support of the creation of the Main Highway dedicated bicycle lane for cyclists of all ages and abilities to safely enjoy their Commodore Trail bicycling experience without the threat of vehicles or pedestrians on the sidewalks.

The bicycling community is an integral part of Coconut Grove, representing both residents and patrons of our local businesses. We feel that this initiative is crucial to the safety of our cyclists and to the continued enhancement of our business district. A dedicated bicycle lane on Main Highway will increase livability, promote local business through increased bicycle traffic, and compliment Coconut Grove’s growing inventory of bicycle amenities.

·      Include adequate signage indicating to cyclists about the existence of the lanes and promoting awareness of cyclists to motorists.

·      Include both northerly and southerly bicycle lane along the east side of Main Highway from Franklin Avenue to McFarlane Road ensuring Commodore Trail cyclists safely continue their route without vehicular or pedestrian interference.

·      Properly and regularly maintain these lanes so that bicycle transportation is possible throughout the year.

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