Keep I-LAND's Final Group as 12 Members!

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Fans have been watching I-LAND for a few weeks now, and since episode 1 were under the impression that the final group would contain 12 members. We've grown attached to every trainee on the show, and it's already sad having to say goodbye to 11 of them. While most fans will obviously support the final group with 7 members, others may not, and we're worried how this may effect not only the fan base, but the trainees as well. Many fans have expressed that they're fine with the group as it currently is, so we hope it can stay as 12. Similar situations have happened with other popular survival-show groups like Stray Kids and Treasure, and fans were left much happier. So if this petition reaches it's goal, I hope you can listen to what us, fans of I-LAND, have to say.