Protect BTS' World Tour From Resales

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Dear fellow ARMY,

BTS is as popular as ever, but popularity has its downfalls.  Take their upcoming world tour for example, bigger than ever, creating even more unforgettable memories in our fandom. However, this has been ruined for a lot of the people trying their luck at getting a ticket.

The problem: ticket resellers.

Within an hour, when the sold out messages should be popping up, instead appear lots of tickets.  But, this isn't because people have gotten lucky. In fact, it is the opposite. The tickets that should've been available for ARMY have been taken by ticket resellers and what should of been $100 is now $1000.

We can't let this carry on.  It is either ruining the idea of the best day of their life for ARMY or the ones who can afford it are being left out of pocket, for a ticket that might be rejected at the gate.

The solution: We stop this now

If you can afford the tickets, DO NO BUY THEM.  We need to set an example that we won't stand for this. 

Or sign this petition. We can pressure the companies to change things.  Stop allowing reselling sites to bulk-buy tickets.  Also, make people wanting to buy tickets prove that they actually want to go.  Before the tickets can be purchased, ask questions that any ARMY should know (and put a timer on to stop people from searching the answers).

These simple changes would help ARMY a lot, and help more people create new memories that will stay with them forever.