Big Hit Entertainment, please bring BTS to Latin-America on the new tour.

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In the past world tours, BTS has not visited Latin-American countries except for Chile on Wings Tour and Brazil in Love Yourself: Speak Yourself.
We love, support, care and want BTS to visit México, Chile, Argentina and some other latino countries. Please let's make this happen. We really love BTS and i'm sure there will be a perfect stadium in each country were they will be able to perform. We really want BTS to experience latino culture again. Let's make this not a dream, but reality.

The perfect solution for this is that Big Hit Entertainment and Ocesa or companies that are in charge of concerts in latino countries get in middle ground and prepare concerts in México, Chile, Brazil, Argentina etc. on a Latin-American tour.

My name is Audrey, i'm a mexican native girl, i have been following BTS 2 years now, and i haven't been able to experience seeing them perform, and see the amazing artists that they are. I wanna be able to see them, and i speak for all my latino friends that we will be thrilled to even just one day see them. We exist, we love and support BTS. Thank you.