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Doctor Who spin-off 'Class' Audio Dramas

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'Class', the spin-off of 'Doctor Who' released in 2016, was sadly cancelled after only 8 episodes. However, myself and many others think that it still has many more stories to tell (especially since it ended with a cliffhanger). Big Finish have made hundreds of audio dramas for 'Doctor Who' and another one of its spin-offs 'Torchwood', so it would be the perfect way to give Class the continuation it deserves. 

For those who have not seen it, 'Class' is a YA sci-fi drama set in Coal Hill academy, where there is a tear in space and time due to excessive time travel in the area (blame the Doctor). It's up to a group of 4 human students, their friend (a gay alien prince), and their physics teacher (morally ambiguous alien freedom-fighter-turned-slave). The cast is hugely diverse: there is a black girl who is super intelligent and skipped two school years; a sikh boy who talks about his religion, and loses a leg in the first episode and has to get used to using a prosthetic, and a gay Polish character (in a relationship with aforementioned gay alien prince) who deals with homophobia, but that isn't his entire character. There are also three strong and complex female main characters.

However, 'Class' wasn't very well received, as it was poorly advertised, and originally it only aired online on BBC 3. It then aired on BBC One, but at an inaccessible time slot of 10:45pm on a Monday. It was shown on BBC America in April, and gained quite a lot of views, but clearly not enough for the BBC to think it was worthwhile renewing. I believe that if 'Class' was better advertised, it would be a lot more popular, and Big Finish would be a great way to introduce it to the already existing audio drama audience.

The TV show was written by young adult author Patrick Ness, but unfortunately he has said he will not be writing any more for 'Class', which means that Big Finish would have to find their own writer(s). However, as Big Finish writer James Goss wrote a tie-in novel for 'Class', this should not be a problem, and I'm sure there would be other writers willing to work on it as well.

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