Save Hucks the Korean city pound survivor from being euthanized by his US rescue!

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#SaveHucks is asking that Big Dogs Huge Paws rescue in Denver Co, CEO Lindsay Condon, release Hucks to a better equipped rescue or confirm that they have had him euthanized.

Hucks is a giant breed St. Bernard/Great Pyrenees mix from South Korea. He was in a pound in Gwangju Korea, a small city about 170 miles south of Seoul Korea. A group of Expat rescuers pulled him out of the pound, and started searching for a home. Due to many factors, finding a home in South Korea for a dog this size is nearly impossible.  In South Korea, every big dog is a target for the meat trade. It is important to note that Hucks was pulled out of a city pound, not a meat farm or market, but pulling him out before the meat traders got to him saved his life.

Leo Mendoza is one of the longest serving expat animal activists in Korea. He has run a dog shelter in Korea for 10 years, and also runs , the nationwide rescue database in Korea.  As part of his rescue work, Leo Mendoza became a licensed and registered pet shipping agent (ShinDogs Air) in Korea so he could cut out the middleman when shipping his rescues to quality rescue organizations abroad.

Hucks was placed with a Korean foster who describes him as an easygoing, gentle giant.  A Gwanju expat group executed a massive fundraiser that raised $2,000 for Hucks care and vet bills, as he came out of the pound with severe bronchitis, and another $2,000 that was required for the process of shipping him (shipping costs, crate manufacture, 6 hour truck transport to Seoul and air tickets).  At retail prices transport would have been around $2,800. Leo was able to do transport for $2,100, contributing both $300 of his own money and discounts from various vendors.  Leo, of course, did not profit in any way.  And total funds raised in Korea were $4,000 to get Hucks to safety.  

The Gwangju expats, who had pulled Hucks to safety had found a Denver CO based rescue, Big Dog Huge Paws (BDHP), who agreed to take Hucks into their rescue program and get Hucks adopted into a forever home. The Gwangju expats contacted Leo, in his capacity as senior rescuer and shipping agent, to assist in transporting Hucks to an identified BDHP foster in Dallas TX.

It is Leo's rescue policy to ask the foreign recipients of the dogs to pay as much of the cost as possible, to ensure they have an vested stake in taking the dogs.  Since Leo was acting as transporter in Hucks case, he accepted the Gwangju expats' plan to pay all costs and BDHP did not contribute any money to the cost of transporting Hucks to the US.  

Hucks was cleared with a clean bill of health and ok'd to enter the US.  Leo shipped Hucks vía United Cargo on December 15, 2017.  The customs declaration form listed the importer for Hucks  as the Dallas TX foster, NOT BDHP rescue. Leo had every expectation Hucks was on his way to a happy forever home.

Hucks initially seemed to be in a good home but suddenly the foster started notifying Leo, Hucks original Korean foster and BDHP of "issues".  The Dallas foster reported that Hucks had developed a cough and the vet wanted to charge $620 for a test to determine the cause.  The Dallas foster reported that Hucks was aggressive at the vet. The Dallas foster reported that Hucks bit her. The Dallas foster was reported to be working long hours leaving Hucks alone for long periods of time.  The Dallas foster reported that BDHP did NOT want to pay for the test.  The Dallas foster was reported to be in agreement with BDHP to euthanize Hucks.

It began to be clear to Leo that the Dallas foster chosen by BDHP was not equipped to deal with a dog that was possibly traumatized by his stay in the Korean city pound who also possibly did not understanding English.  Many dogs have fear of the vet.  It is also well documented that survivor dogs require patience and qualified fosters used to dealing with their special type of trauma.  Any rescue organization knows that properly dealing with fearful dogs is part of their mission/job.

In mid-February 2018,  BDHP notified Leo and Hucks Korean foster that they had decided to euthanize Hucks, citing that the BDHP team of professional behaviorists decided Hucks needed to be euthanized. It is important to note that no one from BDHP's headquarters in Denver and none of the behaviorists actually ever met Hucks, as he was never transported to BDHP in Denver CO. The evaluation and diagnosis was done entirely by email. Hucks had been under the care of BDHP less than two months.

Leo immediately contacted Lindsay Condon, President and CEO of BDHP, and asked that Hucks be released to the care of more qualified handlers who would assume all responsibility, care and liability for Hucks.

Ms. Condon replied to Leo stating that that as legal owners of Hucks, BDHP had made their decision and no other alternative to euthanasia was possible. Ms. Condon reaffirmed that BDHP owns Hucks.  She also stated BDHP has engaged a lawyer and the decision to euthanize is irreversible.

Despite attempts by Leo, the Korean foster, hundreds of animal rescuers and advocates and many other rescue organizations to contact BDHP/Lindsay Condon regarding transferring Hucks to another entity and NOT euthanizing him, BDHP/Lindsay Condon have NOT responded to any inquiries.  BDHP does not answer their phone nor do they respond to emails/private messages regarding Hucks.  They have completely stonewalled on the subject of Hucks and his fate.

Hucks traveled thousands of miles to "rescue" in the US . Hundreds of people raised thousands of dollars to get him there. All in the hope that Hucks would have a happy life. Hundreds of people now have been touched by his story, and are hoping for him to live. Two months in one foster home is NOT enough time to decide a dog should die. Behavior diagnosis should NOT be done by email. 

Rescuers on the ground in Dallas are trying to get animal control authorities to pick up the case and at least go knock on the door of the Dallas foster to check if Hucks is still alive. No success with that has been reported.

How is it right for a US rescue that states their mission as "Every Dog Deserves a Chance" to euthanize a dog they have taken into their care to "save" from a horrendous fate in Korea?  

This petition has been create to respectfully request that either BDHP/Lindsay Condon transfer Hucks to a more suitable rescue/foster solution (such as Illinois St. Bernard Rescue) OR that BDHP confirm to the hundreds of Hucks' supporters that he has been euthanized.

Please note that BDHP/Lindsay Condon has neither confirmed nor denied the information in this petition.  All statements referencing the actions of BDHP, Lindsay Condon and the BDHP Dallas TX foster are alleged.

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