Biden-Kamala Apologize to Hindus for Desecration of Devi Durga

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We the undersigned Global Hindus, petition the Biden-Harris campaign to issue an apology to the Global Hindu community for the desecration of Goddess Devi Durga, especially during the auspicious and sacred time of Navaratri. A tweet was issued by your family member where the image of Durga Devi was disfigured to send a political message. The desecration of our Goddess by you has caused a great hurt that will not be easily healed. 

As a Christian you may not understand the sentiments that you have hurt by your callous act. We Hindus are not a proselytizing culture. We do not go and convert non-Hindus. Our scriptures have no mention of destroying other faiths, contrary to what is there in the Bible (ex. Exodus 20:3-5 )  and the Quran (ex. 98:6), accompanied by millenia of conquest, bloodshed, slavery, colonialism and persecution. Your religion calls for extermination of non-believers, but ours accepts all ( “Ye yathaa maam prapadhyante taans tathaiva bajaamyaham mama vartmaanu varthante manushyaah paartha sarvshsaha" -- Bhagavad Gita. Ch. IV verse 11 ).

During the auspicious period of Navaratri - twice a year - we Hindus renew our Aastha (faith) in the form of upasana (worship) of Devi (female goddess) Durga. She is Shakti (spiritual power) that forms the multiverses (multiple universes) that comprises the cycle of creation. We meditate on the female divine to reach her on a spiritual plane. She is the most compassionate and most forgiving in the form of a mother. She is Mother of us all and the universes that we exist in. These nine auspicious days we engage in spiritual practices devoted to the power of femininity in various forms that are mentioned in our spiritual literature. This is the same power of femininity that is contained in and expressed by our mothers, our sisters, and our daughters. These nine days are devoted to renew our faith in the feminine power that so profoundly fuels our world in so many ways.
By your desecration of the Goddess Durga you have made a mockery of our faith. By your act you have acted as just another Inquisitor or Jihadi who seeks to destroy others faiths based on his own theology of perdition. You have the temerity to mock a heathen Goddess driven by the theology of perdition that you subscribe to, but the hurt of heathen can come back to haunt you as your own karma. Madam Senator, our Devi Durga is not up for sale, to be used as chattel in your election campaign. 

Apologize now Senator !

Principal Petitioner:
Rajiv Varma (Houston, TX) +1 (832) 736-5643 (leave a msg on Whatsapp)
Satinder Trehan (Los Angeles, CA) +1 (714) 905-9458 
Kalavai Venkat (San Jose, CA) 

... and the undersigned.

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