Keep Families United.

Keep Families United.

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Started by David Russell


I'm trying to bring up the issue of Biased Judges,

The following is my story which is unfortunately about an all to common issue found in Family Courts throughout our country today. 

My name is David Russell, I'm a fully disabled vet and now recently on social security do to my injuries in the Iraq war 2007. I have been berated and laughed  by Judge Cunningham in Eaton county MI. Will not look at any evidence that proves she been wrong and that she allowed criminal misconduct by my ex wife knowingly she has harassed my doctor's, forged DUI hrs from non profit group. She had a second DUI during the process and I lost all my rights to my children.

I been forced to pay my ex wife debt for three years, now forcing me to be in financial debt till house was sold. 3 years ago it couldn't sell and ex wife realtor quit and I was almost put in jail for her actions while the judge threatened to put me in jail till house sold.

I have followed all conditions selling property, and belongings. Judge even allowed her to come into my house take anything she wanted for 30 min after she was not living there for over year, This after I returned her belongings to her before this happened and knowing full well that from the evidence that was submitted.

Now the court trying to allow my kids to live in California. My children were born here and my entire family from here, I'm asking for help to remove biased judges from cases where they are extremely biased towards men, and keep this from happening to anyone else and there families.

173 have signed. Let’s get to 200!